AL-MILAD ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTIONS LLC is a registered landmark with in-house capabilities to construct large –scale projects on a turnkey or design and build basis. Our project portfolio exhibits our wide array of specialized experience, which includes commercial and residential buildings, mixed used developments, industrial facilities and large scale earth works. Through our dedicated manpower and pool of resources, we strive to deliver top quality projects to the market.

We are on the firm belief that an enterprise wide emphasis on quality, safety and reducing the impact of our operations on the environment is the key to success. AMEC is therefore guided by this principle in dealing with all of its stakeholders.

Honesty and transparency is our Fundamental value in the organization. It is visible in all aspects of our work and With our dealings with clients and the supply chain.

Customer satisfaction is the yard Stick by which AMEC measures its achievements as a company and team. The success of the Company is directly related to this core value is core value.

AMEC ensures that all projects are executed to their contractual requirements and that the quality of work is visibly at all stages of our progress

On-time performance is an indispensable criteria for AMEC. It defines our work and who we are by the principles we hold dearly. This is one of the many core values we exhibit on every given occasion to give our clients the confidence they need to make us their contractor of choice.

Syam Vishwanath

Chief Executive Officer

AL-Milad Engineering Constructions started its humble beginnings in 2007 with a vision to establish a successful construction company that focuses on a new level of quality and timely delivery. This vision has always guided us through our growth and has been the benchmark for the selection of projects, expertise and local talent in UAE. Over the past few years our organization grew in size and reputation to begin challenging some the largest players in the market.

We currently pride ourselves with a team of over 300 employees and have successfully delivered a wide array of landmark projects. The success of an organization cannot be solely measured by its financial achievements, but one should also assess the legacy that it leaves in their society. At AMEC, we invest a great deal of time and energy in eveloping local staff and local companies. We have established training programs and long term career paths for our employees, We attribute our success to the opportunites that were provided to us by our local market and believe that we owe our fellow citizens a similar set of opportunities.

After our successful growth in UAE, we are entering a new phase of our development by expanding into neighboring states. This has provided us with the opportunity to evolve our business to a level that will enable us to compete in the regional market. We look forward to the future development of our organization and welcome you to take a deeper glance into our organization with the content that we have provided.

To be the partner of choice for delivering complex construction projects without compromising on time, quality, health and safety of our team.

To become the partner of choice, for landmark construction projects, across the middle east region.